Along a five-kilometer stretch of  long, wide, and fine cream sand in Barangay Buenavista, the sea offers a fun-filled experience with the roaring waves.  Swelling up to 7 feet, the constant waves and the beach break await all types of travelers to try wading its waters fit for surfing beginners and aficionados alike!  


  Raw and unspoiled

  Sustainable eco-tourism

  Department of Tourism-accredited surfing instructors and guides

  Budget-friendly amenities


Best time to surf

  • October to May



  • Timitim –only in Gubat! Made of grated cassava, milk, brown sugar, and eggs, steamed on a firewood topped with pili nut, cheese, or corn.  Find them in a stall near the municipal compound. 




  • Ginubat festival- annual revelry to celebrate the town’s founding anniversary, held every 13 June.


  • Salanigo weaving – an elaborate diagonal or twilled weave design applied to native abaca slippers.


  • Gubat Heritage Center – a 100-year old Spanish colonial style House transformed into town’s heritage museum.

  • Paradijon pottery – the traditional process of making Paradijon pottery involves a community of individuals and artisans working together to produce earthenware.  The Paradijon clay craft can be traced way back in pre-colonial times, more than 2,200 years ago.