Gubat as a center of trade and industry, agro and ecotourism, and quality education.



Gubat is a prime example in the practice of well-managed and principled government that will speed up and sustain competitive and progressive local economy; significantly expanding and improving infrastructure, thereby securing a climate adaptive and sustained green environment; while maintaining a God-loving, gender-fair, and educated community towards a healthy, self-reliant, dignified, and participative society.


Quality Policy

We, at the Local Government Unit of Gubat, provide excellent services guided by SHARED governance.

We adhere to a well-managed and principled government that will speed up the growth and sustain the gains of a competitive and progressive local economy.

We commit to satisfy all mandates of existing laws in our effort to meet the needs and exceed the expectation of our constituents and other stakeholders.

To strengthen this culture of good governance, we  commit to continually  improve our quality management system through sound and relevant processes.